Unleashing the Power of Positional Prompts: Crafting Next-Level AI Interactions

In the fast-paced field of AI engineering, the key is to come up with new ideas to get the most out of language models.

Today, we explore the fascinating world of location prompts, a new way of connecting with AI that helps users get the best results. In this part, we look at how positional prompts can transform your online experience and provide 95 examples of deep, intent-rich positional prompts for GPT.

Prepare to go on a journey of discovery as we show you how to write powerful location prompts that get unbeatable results.

1. “As the CEO of a successful startup, you need to write an inspirational email to get your team through the tough times.”

2. “You’re a famous historian giving a fascinating speech on how World War II changed geopolitics around the world.”

3. “Imagine you’re a travel writer writing about Paris’ best-kept secrets.

4. “Write a convincing product description for a high-tech smartphone that will change the way people communicate.”

5. “As a nutritionist, give a vegan runner training for a marathon a detailed meal plan.”

6. “You want to be a writer, so you’re writing an interesting first paragraph for a science fiction book set in a futuristic city.”

7. “Imagine you’re a fashion expert talking about next season’s top fashion trends.

8. “As a financial advisor, give step-by-step instructions on how to set up a sustainable investment portfolio.”

9. “Write an informative blog post about how mindfulness meditation can help you deal with stress.”

10. “You’re a fitness coach who creates a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout plan for beginners.”

11. “Say you’re a famous chef and you want to share your secret recipe for a delicious chocolate dessert.”

12. “As a marketing strategist, plan a complete social media campaign to promote a new fashion brand.”

13. “You are an experienced photographer giving a master class on how to take beautiful landscapes.”

14. “Write an interesting job description for a remote software engineer position at a top tech company.”

15. “Imagine you are giving a powerful speech to a wildlife conservationist about how important it is to protect endangered species.”

16. “As someone who cares about the environment, write a persuasive letter to the local government advocating for sustainable waste management.”

17. “You are a professional musician who writes a piece for piano that makes people feel happy and at peace.”

18. “Write an interesting script for a podcast episode about the fascinating world of artificial intelligence.”

19. “Imagine you are a career coach giving advice on how to do well in job interviews and stand out from the crowd.

20. “As a health and wellness blogger, you should write a complete guide to living a healthy, balanced life.”

21. “You are an expert in cybersecurity and you give important tips for keeping personal information safe in the digital age.”

22. “Write a catchy headline and first paragraph for an article about the future of renewable energy.”

23. “Imagine you’re a sportscaster talking about the most exciting parts of a championship soccer game.”

24. “As a parenting coach, give advice on how to help teenagers talk to you in a positive way.”

25. “You are a motivational speaker who gives inspirational speeches about overcoming challenges and embracing resilience.

26. “Create a useful infographic that shows the main benefits of practicing mindfulness every day.”

27. “Imagine you are a technical writer writing a thought-provoking piece about the ethics of AI in healthcare.

28. “As an architect, come up with a concept for a future urban cityscape that is green and sustainable.”

29. “You are a business consultant creating a plan to grow a small e-commerce business.”

30. “Come up with a convincing case for tightening regulations around single-use plastics to protect the environment.”

31. “Imagine you are a skilled athlete, how you are training to perform at your best.

As a teacher of a foreign language, you should create an interactive lesson plan to teach vocabulary to beginners.”

33. “As a social media manager, you come up with a creative campaign to bring attention to a good cause.”

34. “Write a dialogue between two fictional characters talking about how technology affects society.”

35. “Imagine being a TED speaker giving an interesting talk about how kindness can change the world.

36. “As a career counselor, I help people learn how to change careers and find work that makes them happy.”

37. “You are a science writer writing an interesting article about how gene editing can cure genetic diseases.”

38. “Write a compelling mission statement for a nonprofit group whose goal is to help disadvantaged children.”

39. “Imagine you are an interior designer creating a layout for a small studio apartment that works well and looks good.”

40. “As an entrepreneur, you need to quickly and confidently tell potential investors about your innovative idea for a new business.”

41. “You’re a travel vlogger making a beautiful, cinematic video of a tropical paradise.”

42. “Write an interesting first paragraph for a blog post about future space travel.”

43. “Imagine you are a professional life coach who helps people with demanding jobs find a good balance between work and personal life.

44. “If you like science fiction, write a short story in a dystopian world ruled by AI.”

45. “You are an activist for human rights, and you gave a powerful speech about how important equality and justice are.”

46. “Create a useful infographic that shows how everyday consumer choices affect the environment.”

47. “Imagine you are a food critic writing about a trendy restaurant and describing the unique flavors of their signature dishes.”

48. “As a financial analyst, you look at market trends and give advice on where to invest.”

49. “You are a professional artist making a beautiful piece of art inspired by nature.”

50. “Write a persuasive letter to local government officials asking them to improve infrastructure for public transport.”

51. “Imagine you are a productivity expert who gives advice on how to manage time and be more efficient.

52. “As a cultural anthropologist, write a thoughtful paper about how social norms have changed over time.”

53. “You’re a planner putting together a big charity gala to raise money for a good cause.”

54. “Write an interesting script for an educational video about the wonders of the universe and space exploration.”

55. “Imagine you are a sports coach helping young players do better in sports.

56. “As a digital marketer, you need to come up with a strategy based on data to increase online engagement and brand recognition.”

57. “As a health journalist you look at what benefits and harms popular diet trends may have.”

58. “Write a headline and introduction for an article about the future of AI in education that will grab people’s attention.”

59. “Say you’re a fashion designer who makes sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing.”

60. “As a social worker, write an opinion piece that makes a strong case for equal rights for men and women.”

61. “You’re a tech entrepreneur trying to sell a new way to reduce carbon emissions.”

62. “Write an interesting conversation between two historical figures that talks about how they changed the world.”

63. “Imagine you’re a marine biologist who knows how amazing coral reefs are and how important it is to save the oceans.”

64. “As a psychologist, offer ways to cope with stress and improve mental health shown to work.”

65. “A motivational coach giving you an inspirational speech about being yourself and believing in yourself.”

66. “Create a blog post that dispels popular myths about climate change and helps people understand the science.

67. “Imagine you are a fashion stylist creating trendy clothes for a celebrity.

68. “As a technology futurist, think about the ways AI can be used in everyday life and the problems it could cause.”

69. “You are a business consultant creating a complete marketing plan for a new product launch.”

70. “Come up with a convincing case for embedding sustainable practices in corporate supply chains.”

71. “Imagine you are an undercover reporter to see how deforestation affects local communities.

72. “As a reformer of education, you must come up with new ways to encourage creativity and critical thinking in schools.”

73. “You’re a wildlife photographer trying to raise awareness of endangered species by taking beautiful pictures.”

74. “Write an interesting first paragraph for a blog post about the benefits of working from home in the digital age.”

75. “Imagine you’re the founder of a new company and you’re trying to get venture capitalists interested in your disruptive technology.”

76. “As a nutritionist, you should create a well-balanced meal plan for people who cannot eat certain foods.”

77. “You’re a science communicator, making an interactive video about the mysteries of the human brain.”

78. “Write an inspirational speech for a graduation ceremony to encourage young people to fearlessly follow their dreams.”

79. “Imagine you are a social media influencer promoting sustainable fashion and thoughtful consumption.

80. “As a tech lover, you should write a persuasive essay about the ethical issues in developing AI.”

81. “You are an advocate for sustainability giving a comprehensive plan to reduce plastic waste in the local community.”

82. “Write a title and summary for a podcast episode about the future of artificial intelligence that will grab people’s attention.”

83. “Imagine you are a skilled athlete telling the story of how you overcame challenges and persevered.

84. “As a cultural critic, you should look at how social media affects modern communication and relationships with other people.”

85. “As a human resources manager, you are creating a policy for an inclusive workplace to promote diversity and equity.”

86. “Create an informative infographic that shows how renewable energy is made and how it helps the environment.”

87. “Imagine being a food blogger making a beautiful recipe book full of unique food creations.”

88. “As a financial advisor, you should advise on how to manage money and reach long-term financial goals.”

89. “You are a professional painter whose artistic vision allows you to capture the essence of a living cityscape.”

90. “Write a persuasive letter to government officials to put more money into renewable energy sources.”

91. “Imagine you are an expert in public health and you are writing a detailed plan to stop a global pandemic.”

92. “If you like to travel, write an interesting travelogue about your adventures in a remote and unexplored place.”

93. “You’re a technology analyst trying to predict how AI will affect job markets and the way people work in the future.”

94. “Write an interesting script for an animated video showing the importance of protecting biodiversity.”

“Imagine you’re a sports commentator calling a thrilling championship game in real time.”

Location prompts open up a world of options and empower users to get the most out of their interactions with AI.

By doing deeper and more meaningful prompts, you can use language patterns like GPT to their full potential and gain useful insights, creative ideas, and expert-level guidance. As AI improves, let your mind run wild and explore the huge potential of location suggestions to improve the future. Harness the power of words and let it lead you to new ideas, personal growth and life-changing digital experiences.

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