Visual Prompts: Unlocking Creativity with Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT)

Generative pre-trained transformers (GPT) are powerful models in the field of artificial intelligence that can produce text that looks like it was written by a human. Some of the areas changed by these models are natural language processing and creative writing. But GPT doesn’t just work with text.

It can also be used to create beautiful images based on what it sees. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the idea of visual prompts and how GPT users can use them to be more creative. Whether you’re a student trying to improve your art skills or a business executive looking for new ideas, visual prompts can help you get creative.

How do visual prompts work?

Visual cues are images or other visual cues that are provided as input to a generative model such as GPT. These suggestions provide model ideas to come up with creative and unique visual outputs. Just as words spark ideas and conversations, visual prompts make you think of images and ideas that can be turned into something that looks good. By combining the power of GPT with visual prompts, users can find new ways to show their creativity, think about design, and come up with creative solutions to problems.

GPT: How to use visual prompts

Combining different visual prompts

Begin your artistic journey with GPT by collecting a wide range of visual prompts. These can be photos, drawings, abstract images or even ideas. The key is to have lots of different things to look at to spark different types of creative thinking. Think about themes like nature, science, emotions, or fantasy to appeal to a wide variety of interests and tastes.

Putting visual prompts together

Once you have all your visual references, you want to make sure they are in a style that GPT can read. Change the size and resolution of the images so that the model gets the same information each time. You can use web platforms or tools to edit images to make visual prompts for productive models.

Generating visual outputs

Now comes the fun part, giving GPT visual cues and seeing how creative it is. Give the model planned visual cues and it will come up with stunning visual outputs. GPT detects what visual clues are and creates new and original images based on its training and knowledge of patterns and ideas in the data it sees.

130 Unique Visual Prompts for GPT

1. At sunset, palm trees sway in the breeze on a tranquil beach.

2. A colorful mandala with an intricate pattern.

3. At night, a sea of lights illuminates the city’s skyline.

4. A bouquet of colorful flowers put together in an artistic way.

5. Abstract art with strong brushstrokes and bright colors.

6. Futuristic cityscape with flying cars and tall buildings.

7. A mysterious forest where the sun shines through the leaves of the trees.

8. If you look closely at someone’s eyes, you can see a wide range of emotions.

9. A galaxy with many stars and planets revolving around it.

10. A plate of delicious food beautifully served and garnished.

11. Tranquil mountain scene with flowing stream.

12. A busy market scene with a variety of people and bright colors.

13. A beautiful pattern created in the way light and shadow interact.

14. A group of animals in their natural environment, showing how they behave in their own way.

15. A sign that looks outdated and advertises a manufactured event or product.

16. Simple design with clean lines and limited range of colors.

17. A group of everyday things comes together in an unusual way.

18. A strange scene with real parts and manufactured parts.

19. A living underwater world full of marine life.

20. Portrait of a historical person with many characteristics and real likeness.

21. A collection of photos showing different countries and lifestyles.

22. A group of geometric shapes puts together in a beautiful way.

23. A city park where people do different things and liven up the mood.

24. Peaceful scenery in the country with hills and animals feeding.

25. A gentle Zen garden, carefully dug with sand and carefully placed with stones.

26. A whimsical drawing of a creature from a fairy tale or story.

27. An artistic building due to its detailed details and unique design features.

28. A powerful street art mural that conveys a social or environmental message.

29. A panoramic view of a beautiful landscape, such as a majestic waterfall or a vast desert.

30. A futuristic spacecraft that will visit distant galaxies while traveling through the universe.

31. Close-up of a beautiful butterfly sitting on a flower.

32. Modern, surreal art that will make you think and wonder.

33. A beautiful view in the country with a beautiful house and surrounding fields.

34. A dramatic black-and-white picture showing a brief feeling.

35. A collection of old photos that make you nostalgic and want to tell a story.

36. An underwater view showing how colorful and full the coral reef is.

37. City of the future with sleek skyscrapers, advanced transport systems and green areas.

38. A complex piece of origami featuring precise folds and patterns.

39. A still life is an arrangement of everyday objects that, by putting them together and lighting them, becomes a work of art.

40. Snow-covered trees and a frozen lake make for a tranquil winter scene.

41. A lively street market with lots of people and a wide variety of goods.

42. A logo with a simple style that shows what the brand or idea stands for.

43. An abstract piece of art that is computer generated and plays with forms, colors and textures.

44. The shadow a person casts shows what they like to do or what they do for a living.

45. A close-up picture of a flower or bug shows all its small parts.

46. A beautiful castle from a fairy tale sits between green hills and a sparkling river.

47. Fastest sports moment caught on film that shows how intense and skilled the players are.

48. This busy street is lined with bustling markets, street performers and colorful shops.

49. A beautiful sunset over a calm lake, orange and pink in the sky.

50. An abstract piece of digital art that looks at how shapes, lines and colors work together.

51. A cozy place to read with a comfy chair, a bookshelf full of great books, and soft background lighting.

52. A night view of a futuristic city, illuminated by bright lights and holograms.

53. A still life of fresh fruits and vegetables shows how much nature has to offer.

54. A beautiful scenery in the country with hills, roaming animals and charming windmills.

55. A funny picture of a magical forest inhabited by mythical creatures.

56. There is a busy street market full of foreign spices, bright clothes and traditional handicrafts.

57. A peaceful garden with blooming flowers, a calm pond and a narrow stone road.

58. A powerful image that shows the essence and attitude of the subject.

59. A surreal landscape where reality and fantasy mix to create a world that looks like a dream.

60. A stormy sky with lightning lighting up the distance makes for a dramatic scene.

61. A beautiful piece of architecture with intricate features and lots of space.

62. Beautiful underwater scenery with coral reefs, tropical fish, and treasures.

63. Simple design with clean lines and the right amount of every feature.

64. A colorful abstract image that will make you feel and think.

65. An idea that shows new ways of transportation in the future.

66. A peaceful mountain range in the soft light of dawn.

67. A digital collage made up of brightly colored photos, textures, and designs.

68. Busy cityscape with tall buildings, busy streets, and illuminated billboards.

69. A close-up of a delicate flower petal shows its intricate features and vibrant colors.

70. The waves are gently lapping against the calm sea shore.

71. An artwork that makes you think about social or environmental issues.

72. A beautiful vintage-style poster is made to promote an event or place.

73. Beautiful view from the top of the river flowing through the green scenery.

74. A masterpiece of architecture with a futuristic look and green features.

75. A portrait showing a variety of feelings and behavioral traits.

76. A strange piece that combines natural and technical elements.

77. A funny picture of a made-up character or a world from imagination.

78. A beautiful picture of a rare and undiscovered animal in its native environment.

79. A simple graphic design that shows how beautiful simplicity and space can be.

80. A design that is mesmerizing because it is created by repeating shapes or motifs.

81. An atmospheric landscape picture that makes you feel calm and peaceful.

82. A colorful street-side mural depicting ethnic diversity and social cohesion.

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